“35 Years of Ministry to the Nations of the World!”

In 1976, in a small country church in Kansas, there occurred a supernatural event much like the one experienced by the Disciple Paul on the road to Damascus. A bright light from Heaven appeared to Larry Hrovat and out of that light came the voice of God saying, “My son, preach My Word to all the Nations!”

From this, an incredible journey of faith began, and a ministry marked by unusual miracle manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Committed to serve the God who called him, Larry along with his wife Debbie have been tutored by the Holy Spirit and many of the most respected Christian leaders and teachers from around the world, to “Work the Works of God!”

In a step of simple trust in the God who appeared and spoke to him, Larry began ministering to the nations of the world as the Lord directed his steps. Since 1976 Brother Hrovat has also had the privilege of ministering with major worldwide impact ministries such as those led by Oral Robert , Morris Cerullo, Marilyn Hickey, Mike Evans, T,L,Lowery and many others.

God honored His Word to His servant by using Larry as an anointed vessel through which creative miracles and unusual signs and wonders have occurred. Over the years, Larry has been privileged to minister to every denomination… in some of the world’s largest churches… and conducted Mass Evangelistic and Healing crusades throughout North America and in more than 60 nation of the world.

As an appointed End-time voice of encouragement and a vessel of true Holy Ghost Revival, Larry’s ministry is responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit of God in every situation and church need. Spontaneous and tremendously encouraging, church Pastors repeatedly report, “Larry’s ministry attacks and breaks the hold of spiritual forces that keep God’s people from experiencing total victory in their lives. For the church in total, the anointing of God breaks through spiritual barriers bringing a new, refreshing spiritual climate. This opens the door for new levels of spiritual growth and power in our congregations.”

In 1992, an unusual door of opportunity opened into the Yugoslavian Republics, and to Bosnian refugees. To this date eight successful mission teams of this ministry conducted the first ever Miracle Crusades, which were broadcast nation wide by National Radio and Television Networks. Television Specials of some of these events were aired by the Protestant Radio and Television Networks, a first for this former communist nation.

For the first time ever in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the freezing rain, more than 500 desperate and hungry souls gathered in a public arena. More than 150 rushed the altar and accepted Christ as their personal Savior. While
there we also provided more than $250,000 worth of food, shelter and medical aid and several thousand stuffed animal toys to hundreds of Muslim refugee families in the Name of Jesus Christ! As a result of this effort, new churches have been planted and are growing to the Glory of God!

Some of Rev. Hrovat’s most requested teaching materials, available in print or audio cassette series are:

  • “Where Angels War!”
  • “He is My Helper!”
  • “Send Someone to My Father’s House!”
  • “Bosnia…the Real Story!”
  • “Believe it.. You are Not An Ordinary Person!”

Our Mission … Ushering in the Presence and Power of God to the Nations of the World!