Projects & Missions

We eagerly try to follow God’s leading and direction to minister in ‘effectual open doors’ that God has opened or directing our ministry to part of. In God’s plan is His success, thus the reason to be extremely prayerful and led of the Holy Spirit. Our ministry is always evangelistic and ministry based, Sometimes it might be in the form of International Schools of Ministry or Evangelistic Crusades, Other times our ministry teamssimply be feeding the poor or bringing aid, medicines to those in need.

The foundation of a sustainable fish pond in the Ampian Refugee camp for those who fled the Ivory Coast conflict.


African refugee camp where we supplied, school materials, bedding and lighting. Through the gracious gifts of our partners God provided thousands of dollars of aid.


In the mid 90’s Pastor Loyd Johnson and our team shared thousands of stuffed animal toys for the Serbian Refugees!

Dave Novic with one of the “Project Lilly” stuffed animals to refugee children of the Balkan Conflict.