In THE NATURAL WORLD OF DISPALCED PEOPLES AND REFUGEE CAMPS, I’ve yet to see experience AN OPEN DOOR like this. Over 6000 people who have fled their nation and have been placed into hands that might help. Most of these situations come with many, many strings attached.

In most UNICF/UNN camps you can give aide, but preaching the gospel is restricted and or tightly monitored. We are freer here in this camp than in many churches in America! The needs are so overwhelming one’s mind cannot comprehend it. This is the greatest opportunity we’ve seen in a lifetime to share the unfettered love of God, with no strings attached.

We left without a suitcase!

Mostly all were fearfully driven out with nothing, in effort to not be recognized as a “non supporter “of the current government. Many who were caught with suitcases were killed because, “If you were leaving, you must not support the current regime.”

We’ve been told several stories that we cannot publish. Many of the refugees are targeted people whose photos we cannot show or they can be killed.



The United Nations and international news have kept this war tragedy and ethnic tribal cleansing extremely quite. MORE THEN LIKELY YOU ARE NOT READING ABOUT THE KILLING in the IVORY COAST and you have not seen it on major news outlets. Why not? I believe you know the answer even now.

“A little piece of candy”

“Express Aid” is simple. A little love goes and extremely long way. Imagine children lining up to receive, waiting, pushing and shoving for a small piece if sugar candy. The candy that we shared most children in North America would turn their nose up to.

We planted your seed, in the form of Bibles, clothes, food and mattresses for the aged. As we departed we were able to pay for the installation of electricity and lighting to the darkest corner of the camp.



It started with a little booklet and ended in a little revival with hundreds of children pouring out their broken battered hearts one to another.

Pastor Jose Tamo of Montreal, Canada had an idea from God. We purchased 600 booklets and pens. We asked that the children keep these as their journals in the camp. Pastor Tamo began with the question, “If you could talk with God face to face what would you ask Him? “What is your dream for your future? We asked this question to simply open the hearts of the children to help them know they still have a future and hope. Life is not over, just terribly interrupted, became an outpouring of love and compassion for traumatized children who have lost all they known. Oh Lord heal my nation. The CAMP DIRECTOR TOLD US THAT WHAT WOULD HAVE TAKEN PYSCHOLOGISTS AND COUNSELING MONTHS God did in a few in a few short days.


An emotional release of pain over 1000 refugees cried out in such a release of pain and suffering. That night Dr. Kwaw preached on II Chron….”Lord heal our land.”

The roar of the crowd sounded like 25,OOO people. The camp manger opened his heart. He was so thankful for the little we did and contributed, he was in tears. Drops of golden rain fell from the sky for a few moments that was seen as God’s divine approval honoring the hearts of God’s people praying for answers.

Dr. Kwaw closed with a challenge to begin composing a spiritual song that would lead them back to their homeland.

Another effectual door has opened before us. In fact news spread to other camp miles away and they sent word to us:

‘Please come to our camp”



Children’s Hygiene and simple vitamin needs are critical.(insert photo titled: 2013 Ghana Accra and Camp 561.jpg)


The children are in great trauma fleeing the nation, walking over slain bodies running for their lives. The remembrance is even in the clothing they wear.

The Answer

We can purchase clothing so cheap locally for entire family of 7 for only $100.00

Thank you so very Much!



Pray about becoming a mission’s partner. We are praying for you to become 1 of 100 people who love God and choose to share your prosperity in international missions throughout the world. We need and value consistent monthly support, allowing us to bless hurting people.


No PROTEIN at all. No meat no fish. 

The Answer

Fish POND @ $15,000 complete install.

Hog Farm $10,000 each hog @ $250

Your family, church or ministry can make this miracle happen!

Fish Pond Construction Engineers are waiting for our help.

Ivorian engineers, trained professionals who have been driven from their homeland are trapped, penniless, have nothing to do and are willing to work for their own provision, if we can help get them started. We can buy fish, but if we help build a pond we solve the longer-term problem for 6000.