People of America….Pastors, Leaders, believers, prayer warriors Cuba is in the midst of a ground swell revival. I just got back and want to invite your ministry to get involved in whatever way you can. If you are a preacher, come and preach, an Evangelist come and evangelize, a pastor, prophet….Jesus said go, do, teach, preach! The time is now.

Just like when the Iron Curtain fell, similar to the open door to Russia in the 90’s. This is it the door is opening in the Holy Spirit. It is God’s time and when He wants in a nation, who can stop Him.

Brother Larry…..”We need your help desperately to ‘train leaders now”. He shared, we have a problem in that we have more missions springing up and no leaders to teach and train them. We have young people pasturing churches that have just gotten saved, have no formal training. They have experienced powerful conversions and have no idea to lead or pastor a church; we need all the help you can give us.”

Rev. Joe and Stephanie DeMott, of Missionaries 2 Marriages” were an integral part of our ministry team “Brother Larry as much as we love the anointing and breakthrough, there ministry to marriages and families is desperate.”

An effectual door…. For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries. I Cor 16:9….It has taken us two years of prayer just to get into Cuba and now it is time.

The laws are changing, house churches are springing up everywhere. The Assemblies of God alone has over 2000 house church on the island.

Travel is by foot and bicycle. 99 % of Pastors do not have cars. The average Cuban makes about 25.00 per month, they are oppressed and can barely make each month. But, Revival has come upon the island. We’ve ministered in the nations are entire life and have not seen anything like this.

Cuba a nation in Revival



“God’s Presence overtook us from the opening session and impacted us with eternal purpose and plan.”

If God can change a man….God can change a nation.”

Unstoppable Jesus empowers pastor that will not be denied the presence of God.

The Heavens are open over Cuba

We were pleasantly surprised of the passion, zeal and hunger for God in the pastors. We stood humbled to witness deep hunger to be used by God amidst some extremely difficult natural circumstances.

“God….Something has to happen to us”

“SpiriutalImpacto”….Spiritual Impact by God changes lives that can be used by God to change a nation.”

Closing Night Celebration Holguin School of Ministry2000 in attendance

Celebration and excitement built throughout the week and God gave us an evening out in the church grounds in the open air where 1500 came from the highways and byways. Keep in mind; we were not permitted to print any literature promoting any type of Christian service. The SOM, public meetings were all promoted only by the word of mouth.


La Plaza Open Air Service

One Night Open Air Public Ministry 4000 Give God praise

“Graced by God’s presence and miracle working power…He proved who He is again. One night service was celebrated by 3500 Cubans. I can tell you everyone knew God was abiding in that place. Salvation and healings by the hundreds. The Demotte’s and I prayed until about 11:30 that night after the service was over.

Psalm 2:8 “Ask of Me, and I will give you The nations of the earth for your inheritance.”

An unstoppable blessing is upon Cuba right now. God Himself has chosen to pour out His Spirit upon the nation, especially in the last few years!

Once I was blind and now I can see

For the last few years across Cuba revival is obvious. Thousands are coming to Christ. It is God’s timing for this Island nation. There is a desperate need for teaching and training of pastors. The need is overwhelming and so huge you could spend the rest of your life there and never meet the needs. Pastors are in the shortfall, young believers are pastoring church that just came to the Lord a couple years ago, simply because seasoned men and women are not there.

We need your PRAYERS AND SUPPORT.   Our next major outreach will cost $15,000. Please write us today if you feel led of the Lord to help these people and our missions around THE WORLD!