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In prayer God overwhelmed me and spoke to my heart to reach out and help the Cuban people. To date we raised over 30,000.00 USD in relief aid and we have just begun.

Please be reminded they have no social safety net, no FENA, no emergency relief, no government agencies coming running to the rescue. These poor people have losses that it takes years to try to gain 300.00 back, nearly impossible. We have stared repairing and restoring house, churches…..we’ve installed new roofs, floors.

There are parts of the island where entire groves of banana trees are gone. Which means people who farmed there lost their jobs and thus their income!

Project Hope Cuba…..Express aide/Direct Connect Hurricane Relief Effort following Hurricane Irma

You can purchase a brand new double mattress for a family for 200.00, 100.00 for a single bed.

We can put a roof on a house for 500.00. A new roof on an entire church for only 1000.00.

We have ‘boots on the ground’ now , three specific groups getting the job done…..requesting more funds.

Help Cuba now, please.

Please prayerfully consider getting involved with Faith of the Nations.  Below are 3 ways that you can support our mission.  Please click on each for more information: