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 Greetings and thank you for visiting our web site! Our goal and purpose is to restore that which the enemy has weakened, damaged and destroyed across the earth. Isaiah 14:12. Our ministry is positioned to “Restore the Faith of the Nations”, which was lost through the fall, sin and corruption.

Project Hope Cuba

To our knowledge the first one of its kind. A free Christian meal center, CASA DE MAS, The House of More.

We start feeding 50 elderly Cubans per day, a quality free hot meal. A revolutionary concept.


We need an immediate 20,000.00 to finish the renovation and turn this house into a commercial kitchen.


Our goal is to find monthly sponsors who will partner with us and supply the monthly budget of 1,000.00 to provide the food for 1500 elderly Cubans per month!


The Casa de Mas will be staffed by local Christian volunteers. 


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Support Pastor Vicky Family

We always believed that if ‘God can change a man…..He can change a nation”.

Part of instituting change is when we are available to change the immediate ENVIRONMENT WHERE PEOPLE LIVE. Eric and his family literally live by faith, They have no guarantees or contracts as they pastor and obey God. He is an extremely hard-working evangelist , a soul winner, a man who prays for the sick and believes God for great change for the people. He is also conducting crusades in nearby villages nearly every moth. Your gift of 500.00 will cover the cost of an entire 2-day crusade in a country village in Pakistan.  As you know nationals are the key to winning souls for Christ in a nation Pastor Eric lives in Lahore, Pakistan, where the average salary for an educated man is about 1000.00 USD per month. Each month Pastor Eric must believe God for the finances to pay rent, food, clothing and ect. This is a very meager lifestyle. We are praying for 12 families to believing God with us to provided one moth support, 1000.00. It would be life changing for Pastor Eric to know his living expenses will be paid for the next year. Now, he can use his faith to win the lost! 

Your gift of any kind 25.00-50.00…..whatever the Lord lays upon your heart will go directly to Pastor Eric, thank you so very much, Eric thanks you as well.  Click here to donate.



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